Accutane Month 2

Potato Dishes

Do you love potato dishes? Here are just some samples....... potato chips, hash brown, tater tots, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes...

Since the celebration is for the whole month, why don't you try these potato dishes that would make your month-long celebration last? You can even extend it to a year-long celebration if you wish.

Some facts about the potato:

* Potato is the world's fourth largest food crop, following rice, wheat, and maize.

* The annual diet of an average citizen includes about 33kg (73 lbs) of potatoes.

* China is now the world's largest potato-producing country.

* The English word potato comes from the Spanish patata. In the Philippines, we call them patatas.

* There are about five thousand potato varieties worldwide. Three thousand are found mainly in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Colombia.

Did you know that...

* humans can survive healthily on a diet of potatoes? Just supplement your diet with milk and butter, which contain vitamins A and D, that are not found in potatoes.

source: Wikipedia

#1: Potato Chips

Potato-ChipsPotato Chip -- a thinly sliced potato that is either deep fried or baked until crunchy. Not exactly the healthiest snack, but it's definitely my most favored one.

If you love potato chips, you've probably heard of its beginnings and how it came to be popular. Yes, it's one of those unexpected discoveries.

Nowadays, you can enjoy potato chips with lots of flavors, including plain salt, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion, barbecue, cajun, and many more.

How to Make Homemade Potato Chips

Love to snack? Why not make your own at home...
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#2: French Fries

French fries -- a common fixture of fast food. It can be eaten as snack or accompaniment with lunch or dinner.

Yes, they are very popular esp. with children. Who has not heard of French fries? Nowadays, you can enjoy a variety of fries -- criss-cut , thick-cut, curly, shoestring, or even tornado fries (whole potatoes are skewered then cut with specialized spiral slicer.)

You can enjoy your fries with salt, pepper, mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cheese sauce, etc. It's basically your choice. I like mine simply with ketchup. Plus, we usually go for the unsalted ones.

Photo credit: Hayford Peirce, via Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 3.0

How to Make Homemade Crispy Seasoned French Fries

Make your own version of homemade crispy fries! It's a great way to enjoy family bonding.
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#3: Mashed Potatoes

MashedPotatoesMashed potatoes -- made by mashing freshly boiled potatoes. You can use a whisk and get some arm muscle exercise, or use a hand mixer for easier mixing. Then add some butter, vegetable oil, milk or cream.

Mashed potatoes are usually served as a side dish of other dishes like steak or ribs. Yum!

How To Make Creamy Homemade Mashed Potatoes Recipe

I haven't made some in a while. Perhaps I will one of these days. ^_^
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#4: Hash Brown Potatoes

Hashbrown potato pattyHash brown -- made from shredding or grating potatoes and then pan-frying the potato patties. They are usually great for breakfast or side dish with steaks.

I haven't tried making one, as we just simply buy them at McDonald's or buy the patties from the grocery store, all ready to be cooked.

Tater Tots, a registered trademark of Ore-Ida, is listed as a variety of hash brown, noted for its small cylindrical shape.

How to Make Hash Browns

I've got to try to make some hash browns! It looks fairly easy to make too.
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#5: Potato Salad

KartoffelsalatPotato salad is made by first peeling and then boiling the potatoes. Then cut them into cubes -- small and square sized. My mom loved making them esp. during Christmas time.

You can enjoy a variety of potato salad recipes. Make potato salad with hard-boiled eggs, diced ham, flaked chicken, and many more. We usually add mayonnaise too. But you can partner it with vinegar dressing if you're a bit health conscious.

How to Make Potato Salad

This is a treat and it's easy to make. I've got to try this one too!
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#6: Potato Wedges

Jo JosPotato wedges -- mostly large and unpeeled, a variation of french fries. They can be oven-baked or deep fried.

Potato wedges are also known as jojos in some regions of the U.S. A variation is called mojos in Western U.S., Western Canada, and Yukon, Canada.

Deep-Fried Potato Wedges

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#7: Potato Chowder

Potato and corn chowderI have previously made a related lens, The Quick and Easy Way to Prepare Vegetable Chowder.

Here the main ingredient is potato. You can then add other ingredients as you wish. Stove cooking is ideal, but I found an interesting video wherein microwave cooking can also be done. It looks just as yummy so I'm also interested in trying it out.

Baked Potato Chowder

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#8: Boiled Potatoes

Boiling potatoes is basic to other potato dishes like mashed potatoes or potato salad. In our case, there is a local dish called "Nilagang Baboy" (Boiled Pork) that is served with cabbage and potatoes.

Check out this site for some photos and recipe of Boiled Pork with Cabbage and Potatoes.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by thepinkpeppercorn, via Flickr Commons

How To Boil Potatoes

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#9: Roasted Potatoes

Roasting is another basic preparation for potatoes. You can roast and season potatoes served as side dish or simply enjoy roasted potatoes as snack.

Watch the video below for some tips on how to get crispy oven-roasted potatoes.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by avlxyz, via Flickr Commons

How to Roast Potatoes

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#10: Baked Potatoes

BakedPotatoWithButterYou can bake potatoes using a conventional gas or electric oven, a microwave oven, a grill, or an open fire. Baked potato has a crisp skin and a soft, fluffy interior. I like it best topped with cheese or sour cream and bacon bits.

If you're on the go, microwaving potatoes is a good alternative. Watch the video below for an example of a Microwave Potato Recipe.

Microwave Potato Recipe

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Potato Recipe Books

Top 10 French Fry Recipes: How To Make The Best Homemade French Fries-Oven Baked, Fried, Sweet Potato, And More! Top 10 French Fry Recipes...
Haute Potato: From Pommes Rissolees to Timbale with Roquefort, 75 Gourmet Potato Recipes Haute Potato: From Pommes...
300 Best Potato Recipes: A Complete Cook's Guide 300 Best Potato Recipes:...
The Perfect Potato: Over 100 Fabulous Recipes-- from Appetizers to Desserts--for Potato Lovers Everywhere The Perfect Potato: Over...

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accutane month 2

Skin Needling Procedure

rocedure for Needle Puncture

There are two broad categories of acupuncture practice today, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and medical acupuncture. Both have their merits, so the choice is individual. The decision for most people hinges upon which philosophy appeals more to them and which technique holds the least apprehension.

In TCM, practitioners adhere to the concept of Qi, or energy flow, and the meridians in which they travel. They use longer needles and insert them deeper in order to reach the acupuncture points. Modern science has found little evidence to prove the existence of these energy channels, but this is the technique that has been used effectively for thousands of years.

In medical acupuncture, the practitioners are graduates of western medical schools. Their application of needles is not based on the traditional acupuncture points, but on anatomic data. These acupuncturists use shorter needles and the insertions are shallower. They also tend to use fewer needles and leave them inserted for shorter periods of time. Adherents to TCM feel this is a watered-down version of the real thing. Nevertheless, many patients have felt relief of symptoms through this method.

Conditions for Puncture Application

There is a broad and extensive list of ailments which can be treated with acupuncture. The conditions run the gamut from asthma to constipation, anxiety to weight loss. Most TCM practitioners believe that any health condition results from an imbalance in Qi flow, therefore amenable to needle therapy. Western acupuncturists tend to have a more limited list of indications, the most common of which is undoubtedly control of pain.

Control of pain is the most well researched of all of the indications for acupuncture. There is a definite beneficial effect for a majority of patients using this method. Migraines, premenstrual syndrome, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuralgias are but a few examples. The theory behind its effectiveness is also medically accepted and well researched, called the gate-control theory of pain. It states that the needles can stimulate nerves so that they block the impulses from pain triggers.

Expected Puncture Session Result

It is important to emphasize that acupuncture is used only on top of existing medical therapy. At no time should a patient discontinue medication or ignore medical instructions in favor of needle puncture. After undergoing a needle puncture regimen, the primary care physician can make an evaluation with regards to decreasing dependence on other therapies.

A course of acupuncture therapy will last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. This depends upon the complexity of the particular medical condition. Results also vary, so it is important to have a frank discussion with the acupuncturist regarding expected results and their time frame. In general, the patient will begin to feel beneficial effects after three or four session. Certain specific conditions will actually get a little worse before improving so keeping informed is key.

In modern medicine, the use of traditional techniques with proven results has become a widely accepted practice. Acupuncture has proven its worth time and again. Modern practice guidelines make it effective, reproducible, and safe. It is a gift of healing form ancient sages that has the potential to bring relief to millions of people.

For more information visit and

skin needling procedure

Scarring Treatments

A number of treatments are available for acne scars. The type of treatment selected should be the one which is best for you vis your type of skin, the price, what you need the treatment to accomplish, and the possibility that some types of treatment may cause more scarring if you are terribly subject to scar tissue formation. The acne scar treatment that are currently available include: Collagen injection. Collagen, a normal substance of the body, is injected under the skin to"stretch" and"fill out" particular sorts of shallow and deep soft scars. Collagen treatment typically does not work as well for ice-pick scars and keloids. Collagen derived from cows or other non-human sources cannot be employed in folks with autoimmune diseases. Cosmetic benefit from collagen injection typically lasts 3 to 6 months. Additional collagen injections to maintain the cosmetic benefit are done at further cost.

Autologous fat transfer. Fat is taken from another site on your own body and prepared for injection into your skin. The fat is injected underneath the outside of the skin to raise depressed scars. This method is mostly used to fix deep contour defects due to scarring from nodular cystic acne. As the fat is re-absorbed into the skin over a period of 6 to 18 months, the process typically must be repeated. Better lasting results may be achieved with multiple fat-transfer processes. Dermabrasion. This is believed to be the most effective treatment for acne scars. Under local pain-killer, a high speed brush used to remove surface skin and change the figuration of scars. Superficial scars may be removed altogether, and deeper scars could be reduced in depth. Dermabrasion does not work for all types of scars; as an example, it may make ice-pick scars more noticeable if the scars are broader under the skin than at the surface. In darker-skinned people, dermabrasion may cause changes in coloration that need additional treatment.

Microdermabrasion. This new methodology is a surface form of dermabrasion. Rather than a fast brush, microdermabrasion uses aluminium oxide crystals passing through a vacuum tube to remove surface skin. Only the surface cells of the skin are removed, so no additional wound is formed. Multiple procedures are often needed but scars might not be noticeably improved. Laser Treatment. Lasers of different wavelength and intensity might be used to recontour scar tissue and cut back the redness of skin around healed acne wounds. The type of laser used is set by the results that the laser treatment aims to accomplish. Tissue may be removed with more powerful instruments e. G the carbon-dioxide laser. In some cases, a single treatment is all that will be necessary to achieve long-lived results. As the skin soaks up dynamic bursts of energy from the laser, there could be post-treatment redness for several months.

Skin Surgery. Some ice-pick scars might be removed by"punch" excision of each individual scar. In this process each scar is excised down to the layer of subcutaneous fat; the resulting hole in the skin might be corrected with sutures or with a small skin graft. Subcision is a method in which a surgical probe is used to lift the scar tissue away from unscarred skin, therefore raising a depressed scar. In summing up, acne scars are a result of the body's inflammatory response to acne lacerations. The right way to stop scars is to relieve acne early, and so long as mandatory. If scars form, several effective treatments are available. There are acne creams in the market that are particularly impressive in helping to prevent scars by treating acne at the source and are effective in fixing acne scars by helping both to kick off new skin cell formation when the skin has sustained damage and to hurry up the process of scar maturation.

scarring treatments

Pimple No Whitehead

Despite the constant warnings about popping pimples, we continue to do so. I know that it's hard to resist. When you look in the mirror, and see an ugly whitehead staring you in the face, what are you supposed to do? Smile and say it looks good? You pop the pimple!

The urge to make it go away is so much stronger than just leaving it alone. No one likes to walk around sporting a good-sized zit. Last year a close friend, reaching for my forehead said, let me pop that pimple for you.

Of course I shied away and told him to leave it alone. Truth be told, I didn't even know it was there.

Those who ply their trade via acne are having their cake and eating it too. It's disgusting the amount of over the counter schemers, and many of the doctors as well, are clamoring to get on board the multi-billion dollar acne industry.

Well over thirty percent of those billions come from the doctor's office. Your acne may be sending you to the poor house, but it's certainly making your doctor rich.

I don't want to venture too far off my topic for this article, but I must ask you this. Whenever you go for a doctor's visit because of your acne, what's some of the main questions your doctor asks? What area do the questions focus around?

Does he ask about your love life? No! How about exercise? No! How about your diet? What have you eaten out of the ordinary lately? What are some of the foods you like to eat?

The bulk of the questions center on diet! Your doctor is really giving you a major clue to resolving your acne. Your doctor may be taking your money, but because of the things you're eating, you're giving it to him as well.

I'm being sidetracked here. Let's get back on track.

You must be very careful of the vast array of drugs on the market claiming to be able to fight acne. Some are so dangerous that it may be better to return to popping pimples.

Very recently (Aug.'06) in fact, an article was written in a popular newspaper about the drug isotretinoin.' It goes by the brand name Accutane.

According to the article, researchers reviewed medical records for 13,772 acne patients in California who had been treated with isotretinoin between 1995 and 2002. The median length of treatment was 21 weeks for the group, whose median age was 19.

In the August issue of the journal, Archives of Dermatology, the researchers wrote this, "The incidence of abnormally high serum lipid levels during isotretinoin treatment may be greater than previously estimated."

When the Accutane treatments were finished, the raised levels of fat were reversible. A statement indicating that fact is duly noted on the Accutane label.

When there is too much fat in the blood long-term problems can result. The risk of having a heart attack or a stoke increases.

Women who choose to take Accutane should be exceedingly careful not to become pregnant. The risk of birth defects is also suspected.

Always consult your doctor before taking anything for your acne. Even if your doctor prescribes medication for you to take, ask questions. How long do you have to be on this medication?

Why this particular medication? Are there any side affects? Can I drive while on this medication? Don't just glibly accept what your doctor says. Ask questions. Make your doctor think. Work with your doctor on your care. Don't leave it all up to him.

pimple no whitehead

Dark Spot Removers

Many people suffer from freckles and would benefit from learning about freckle removers that are available to improve their skin, and give them the freckle free skin they desire. Melanin in eneven or excessive amounts in the skin is the main cause of freckles. Freckles are most commonly found in people with a fair complexion but anyone can get freckles.

Having freckles is a genetic problem and their formation is made worse by sunlight. Ideally it is easier to prevent the formation of freckles in the first place, but if it is too late for that all is not lost.

There are both chemical and natural treatments for removing freckles. The most prevailing treatments include:

1. Retinol which will lighten the skin and is effective if used for a long time. Products with a high concentration may need a doctor's prescription.

2. Laser treatments can be very effective in giving your skin a flawless appearance. However you must very careful to choose someone who knows what they are doing. There is some discomfort and possible redness and swelling and maybe even blisters. The treatments can also be very expensive.

3. Bleaching agents. These can be bought easily over the counter but can also be expensive and have side effects with skin irritation.

4. Liquid nitrogen when applied to the freckle "freezes" it. The skin will blister and eventually peel off. It can also leave a permanent white mark where the freckle was. Some freckles however will not respond to this treatment.

There are natural products that you can use at home as freckle removers. They are cheap and easy to make with very few side effects. There is also the big advantage that you are able to use and prepare them in your own home without having to make appointments, or pay the high prices of many other treatments.

These natural treamnets include:

1. Applying sour cream as a face mask. Do not wash it off, just wipe off leaving a small amount on the skin.

2. Lemon juice is another old favourite and is a very popular choice to help lighten freckles

3. Washing your face with sour milk helps to promote a gentle peeling of the skin, thus lightening your freckles

4. Horseradish juice.

Always remember that when using any freckle remover treatment, natural or otherwise, you must avoid the sun and use a good quality sunscreen. There are now sunscreens available that contain colourless zinc to give natural protection without using toxic chemicals. It's always a good idea to wear a broad brimmed hat and try not to go out in the sun during the hottest part of the day.

dark spot removers

Best Age Spot Treatment

The most beneficial age spots on face treatment should be researched diligently and as painstakingly as possible prior to deciding on a final decision in respect of the right strategy to take to eliminate these spots. Many times a mis-diagnosis is in respect of what you may really have and after that an incorrect course of action is usually started on.

Usually make sure that a certified doctor is involved with the medical diagnosis and treatment solution procedure from the beginning as if this is not done you treating what you may believe is perhaps age spots on the face but in fact might be some type of skin cancer. A right medical diagnosis from early along with a treatment course coming from a skin doctor goes a way in, not merely a productive solution where age spots are concerned but a much healthier skin tone.

With a proper medical diagnosis, one may also use some remedies for age spots or some efficient products that are currently in the marketplace as numerous research have already been done in respect of age spots or if such a as 'age spots skin cancer'. Again in utilizing remedies make sure that you are not sensitive to a few of the ingredients that used. And use cures from trusted sources because numerous so-called cures just do not work and cause much more misery and disappointment than needed.

Searching of the internet as a step should bring you numerous great sources to search for treatment solution following a proper diagnosis of your spots. Many trust-worthy sources including medical, pharmaceutical, and home made are easily accessible online with thorough info. So happy searching and I hope you find treatment for age spots on face, hands or other parts of the body along with a successful return to lovely skin color.This particular analysis method is actually a necessity.

best age spot treatment

Mary Kay Millionaires

Microcap Millionaires will not be another movie like Slumdog Millionaire - the movie that swept a amount of Oscar awards this yr. It really is anything less entertaining. Nonetheless, it can be far more lucrative than watching a film. If you're a fan of investment market place trading, you may end up loving it. So, what exactly is it? It is an e-mail publication containing stock buying and selling recommendations.

An Overview of Microcap Millionaires

Lately, lively investment market merchants are unlikely to generally be in a satisfied frame of come across. Pretty much all commodity markets are showing bearish tendencies. The commodity market place of Iraq, of all nations around the world, is the best performing investment marketplace. Several traders and hedge funds have lost cash due to share industry crashes. The investment marketplace indices of the many key nations around the world are becoming 50 percent of its value one particular yr again. Therefore, all lay buyers of share market would really like to obtain an professional guiding them by way of the choppy financial waters. Microcap Millionaires is just that skilled. It really is an e-mail newsletter support. It has acquired some reputation as a tough economy beater. Numerous customers of the services are proudly claiming that they've basically manufactured dollars from share current market throughout the survive 6 weeks. It means a single of your following two details: 1) it really is just another internet rip-off or a couple of) it truly is an incredibly helpful supplier of commodity dealing ideas. You must pay back each calendar month for changing into a new member of this e-mail e-newsletter support. You might get about 3 or four guidelines for each 1 week. If you're great at amount crunching, you need to have figured out which you will likely be paying some thing involving $three and every word of advice. It really is approximately you to decide whether you need to commit that volume for acquiring supposedly insider suggestions with regards to rise and fall of man or women stocks.


Any human being familiar with investment industry will recognize that no one can properly predict the precise nature in the commodity industry. You will discover countless variables affecting market place overall performance. Even Warren Buffet has not too long ago admitted that he has made some errors during previous a single year or so. Beneficial analysts control to predict correctly a lot more frequently than people do. So, a single shouldn't expect the publication ideas to get constantly appropriate. It may go wrong on some occasions, therefore you might shed dollars on individuals occasions too. Nevertheless, the creators of Microcap Millionaires state that these are correct on more instances than becoming one other way all around.

mary kay millionaires

Mary Kay Soap

For decades we have been using laundry powders and detergents for washing clothes. Most of these commercial laundry detergents use chemicals to fight tough stains.

But are they good for our clothes, our skin and our environment? No!

Today, commercial laundry cleaners have made it a multi-billion dollar industry and we have forgotten our traditional methods of natural and healthy living.

Let us learn how we can start washing our laundry with soap nuts - a completely natural way of cleaning clothes. Soap nuts are safe for our clothes, our skin as well as our environment.

What are the different forms of soap nuts?

There are three different forms of soap nuts that are available for washing clothese:

  • Liquid form
  • Powder form
  • Raw (Shell) form

The liquid and powder form of soap nuts may often be mixed with chemicals (amount and type of chemicals vary) to make them stronger cleaning agents. Usually, the method and quantity to be used is written on the packaging for each form. You may also read the wash care instructions on the product you are washing.

The most natural way to clean your laundry is to ensure that soap nuts are in the purest form whether they are shells, liquid or powder.

How to use soap nuts?

Since soap nut are fruit from trees, they need to be sorted, dried, deseeded and then properly packed. The dosage for each wash will depend on variety of soap nut, size of the load and how dirty your laundry is. Soap nuts are commonly available online through stores e.g. You can use these nuts/berries by putting them into a muslin bag (normally supplied with the soapnut package) and tossing it into the washing machine. This method is simple, result oriented though old fashioned.

If the nuts/berries put into the muslin bag and soaked in water for 30-45 minutes before putting the muslim bag and the water into the washer then the clothes will be washed and cleaned better.

Saponin is a natural cleaning agent available naturally in soap nuts and it is released from soapnuts when the nuts/berries come in contact with water.

The best part is - Soap nuts do not form too much foam/suds like other chemical detergents so they are also compatible with HE washing machines. The soap nuts/ berries may be used up to 4 times depending on the temperature and quality of water used for laundry.

Use Soap Nuts To Change To A Healthy Lifestyle

Often we are resistant to change and want to use methods which are easy and give quick results; however, we must remember that in most of the cases we then comprise with our health and environment if we do not use chemical free laundry detergent. Soap nuts are a better way of washing your laundry naturally.

It is time to live a natural, chemical free life and make this world green for us and the next generations to come. Let's change today for a healthy tomorrow.

Adopt natural ways of washing; wash your laundry with soap nuts!

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Alba Sea Plus Renewal Cream

Contouring Face & Eye Cream serum" This unique combination of Black pearl powder, seaweed, & Dead Sea minerals" produces a particularly concentrated cream serum that helps to improve the appearance of tone and texture of skin and improves elasticity of the skin. Method of use: See the instructions on the pamphlet enclosed in the packaging Read more about Contouring Face & Eye Cream serum | Sea-Of-Spa.Net - Official Sea of Spa Factory by

alba sea plus renewal cream

Gentle Skin Care Products

Rooibos, or "red bush," is one of the premier stars in the skin care industry. This valuable commodity in the fight to protect the epidermis has been championed by companies like Inheritance SkinCare, and it is yielding some pretty remarkable results for the people using it today. The plant was discovered as a great skin care property in South Africa, and it has slowly but surely made its way across the globe. What sets this particular skin care product apart is that it is a complete anti-oxidant that is as gentle and soothing as anything else available.

While many skin care products can be rough on the skin, rooibos treats it with lots of TLC. It is also one of the few products out there that is not tested on animals, which means that you can use it with a clear conscience, knowing that it will give you the best results while protecting and respecting the ecosystem. Rooibos is non-allergic and naturally contains zinc and alphahydroxy acids as well as Vitamins A & C for maximum effect. Rooibos allows you to take a bath, apply facial cream, even protect and nourish your lips via special lip balm. There is no part of your skin that won't look and feel younger with regular use.

But just what makes this better from all the rest of the skin care products out there that are often touting the same thing? In short, it's about as all natural as you can get. It excludes animal fat and many of the other things lurking in your traditional soaps, skin care ointments and shampoos, while delivering on the promise to make you look and feel great. If you know anything at all about skin care, you know the treatments can be quite painful from time to time. Rooibos forces nothing of the sort on its users. It is as easy as application, and it offers relief once it has been rubbed over the affected areas. For those with extremely sensitive skin, red bush is especially effective.

As you search the market for skin care products, don't believe what many of the other brands are telling you. But with Rooibos skin care you can find an all natural solution that does what it says it will do while nourishing and soothing the skin. There may be cheaper products on the market, but few offer the same results. Don't let the issue of price cloud your judgment if you truly want healthier skin. If you are one of the people who value your complexion, softness, and comfort, then you will want to grab this product today.

gentle skin care products